Montana Block Co.

Wooden Kitchen Products Handmade with Pride in the USA.

Our products are built to last. They are made to be durable and aesthetically pleasing. They can last a lifetime, if properly cared for. All of our wares are sealed and preserved the same way, seasoned with a beeswax/mineral oil mixture. No toxic chemicals were used to process or seal the wood.

Our goods are sealed and seasoned at the shop, but before your first use, it is advised to re-apply a wax/oil to your kitchen product.

When cleaning, use only a dilution of vinegar, or other natural wood-safe cleaners. Take a paper towel or cloth, wet it a bit, and rub down the board. Then immediately dry the board. Never use bleach or harsh chemicals, it may affect the finish and can be toxic. Do not clean with baking soda, this will stain the wood.

Do not wash the board in your sink. Do not ever let the piece soak in water, or let a large amount of liquid sit on the it for a extended period of time. This can lead to swelling of the wood. For boards without feet, make sure water does not collect under the board.

 It is safe to cut meat on our butcher boards. Wood is actually a more sanitary surface than plastic, and wood contains compounds that are know to inhibit the growth of bacteria.

You will need to periodically re-wax and oil your kitchen accessory to maintain its finish and seal. If you start to notice a loss of color, or a dry look, it is time to re-wax and oil. I recommend a beeswax/mineral oil mix. Just put a bit on a cloth and rub/polish the mixture into the wood. Let it sit over night and then buff your board the next day. Do not use olive oil or other fatty oils. These can go rancid over time. With a little care, you may one day be able to pass this heirloom down.